Range and equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Limits to rules, open controversy and work environment methods

Range and equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Limits to rules, open controversy and work environment methods



The purpose of this paper should subscribe to information about job variety and equivalence in an under-researched nation. Being focused on the south-eastern European change economic situation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), it elaborates about landa€™s laws, public controversy and earlier reports in the field.


The documents pulls on a synopsis for the legislative system, active writing, open media and private connection with man useful resource (HR) specialists.


There is certainly only limited data on variety and equivalence in BiH. Ethnicity and sex are considered the most frequent grounds for discrimination. Although an excellent muscles of procedures handling anti-discrimination and equality problem exists, execution was insufficient. The general public argument is likely to reinforce inter-ethnic problems and a negative air concerning sexual minority proper.

Study limitations/implications

As a result of common absence of reports on variety and equality in BiH, the studies presented in this particular papers simply can serve as a very first approximation of this subject. Additional scholastic analysis on tangible businesses practices and position of hour executives is.

Functional ramifications

Providers simply want to greatly enhance compliance with anti-discrimination guidelines, however they also needs to concentrate more about the rewards a multi-ethnic people could offer.


It’s the basic newspaper in therapy writing that delivers extensive guidance for workplace range and equivalence in BiH.


Ortlieb, R., RahimiA‡, Z., Hirt, C., BeA?iA‡, A. and Bieber, F. (2019), “variety and equivalence in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Limits to legislation, general public controversy and place of work tactics”, equivalence, Diversity and Inclusion, Vol. 38 number 7, pp. 763-778. s://doi.org/10.1108/EDI-10-2017-0231


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1. Basic Principles

Therapy scholarship into diversity and equality in Bosnia and Herzegovina (thereinafter: BiH) can, without a doubt, generally be referred to as under-researched (Velikonja, 2017; VinkoviA‡ and BeA?lagiA‡, 2011). Into the best of our very own data, currently there is one medical publishing on range management in practice which evaluated the use in a Bosnian subsidiary of a multinational financial business (BeA?iA‡ and Hirt, 2016). Other than this, most people identified only a few exploration documents handling equivalence and (anti-)discrimination and a few investigations on feamales in managing (notice part 5 with this papers).

The minimal awareness to analysis on variety and equality partly echoes the lower concern simply provided by company enthusiasts in BiH[1]. Paradoxically BiH was a properly varied country, politically, monetarily and socially designed because contested disposition of variety. However, most people many times listened to from individual connection with real reference (HR) specialists during the last little while that these content are actually neither on their own itinerary nor mentioned inside the premier HR relation in BiH, the a€?HRM udruA?enjea€?. In the case learn by BeA?iA‡ and Hirt (2016), an HR executive questioned during the Austrian head office stated that owners in Bosnian subsidiaries, if asked about implementing the headquartersa€™ diversity procedures notion, stated emphatically: a€?No many thanks, we all dona€™t demand thata€? (p. 131). Asking companies specialising in assortment owners or campaigns such as for instance a national variety constitution tend to be as yet not known. A trawl through websites from the biggest multinational organizations recognized only a few employers proclaiming that these people foster equivalence and importance assortment definitely (for example Deloitte, Raiffeisen Bank Worldwide, Porr, Erste Team, Vienna Insurance Coverage Group, Uniqa, Grawe and Deutsche Document DHL). However, as we still miss evidence of how companies translate this type of commitment into steady actions this is simply a€?window dressinga€? (Marques, 2010; Vassilopoulou, 2017).

The reasons why subsequently should diversity and equivalence in BiH be studied? All of us maintain that for many explanations this south-eastern American country gift suggestions a fascinating case. Initial, BiH was a multi-ethnic nation with elements of stronger segregation and inter-ethnic pressure. Despite this, in addition, it offers a long-standing heritage of peaceful coexistence among members of different countries (Kunovich and Hodson, 2002; Morselli and Passini, 2014). Next, BiH possesses considerable anti-discrimination guidelines comparable to EU values, but the success is limited (KadribaA?iA‡, 2013; VinkoviA‡ and BeA?lagiA‡, 2011). One-third, even though placea€™s socialist heritage would signify a somewhat large level of gender equivalence and very little focus on social lessons, another was identified (BjA¶rkdahl, 2012; worldwide Bank ainsi, al., 2015). Fourth, although you can assume international businesses to transfer range owners on their Bosnian subsidiaries (Alhejji ainsi, al., 2016; BeA?iA‡ and Hirt, 2016; Hennekam et al., 2017), just a few could accomplish. So going through the circumstances of BiH besides informs students and businesses experts sincerely interested in this specific land, but it addittionally supplies insight clear of the specific geographic area into better basic debates about cultural assortment, guidelines, cross over economic climates and worldwide agencies.

In positioning making use of the demand reports for this purpose particular dilemma of Equality, range and introduction, this report try of descriptive disposition. Pulling on the current offered facts, it handles the following analysis problem:

Which are the features of legislation, general public discussion and found study on work environment variety and equivalence in BiH?

The contribution about this paper was twofold. For starters, we complicated from the idiosyncratic land framework of BiH, giving an answer to necessitates in depth investigations of discussions on variety and equivalence (Klarsfeld ainsi, al., 2014, 2016; Nishii and A–zbilgin, 2007; Syed and A–zbilgin, 2009). 2nd, the document progress conventional data on a lot more general issues during the intercontinental variety and equality writing, like the growing incredible importance of ethnical assortment (Jonsen et al., 2011; Ortlieb and Sieben, 2013); the role of rules in organisational variety and equivalence practices (Edelman et al., 2001); the features of assortment and equality in change economic climates (Gradstein and Milanovic, 2004) and also the challenges in international assortment management (Nishii and A–zbilgin, 2007).

The document try built below. A further part produces an introduction to the historical-political, monetary and socio-demographic context in BiH. This history information is helpful in learning the comprehensive procedures which can be summarised in part 3. Thereafter, key top features of people argument around variety and equality are generally introduced in Section 4, and experimental information try presented in area 5. The paper concludes with a short summary of so what can end up being learned within the circumstances of BiH and sketches techniques for foreseeable data alongside strategies for organization practice.